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Welcome to convergence era, where all of us has been spied since we are connected to internet and social media.. Our data have been recorded..

You know, few days ago I was reminiscing my childhood by watching WWE Smack Down on Youtube, well I know it sounds eery, isn’t it? But it didn’t give any effect on me, I keep being good girl hehee.. I’m still remember, my dad always waking me up every Friday midnight to accompany him watching Smack Down, yeah my dad was kind of illiterate one, but at that time, he explained to me that every fight scene dad and I watched was just fake one.. He said to me that the wrestlers were friends in real life, that’s why the fight scene in Smack Down was not real.. And I believe that haha, that’s why I keep being a nice girl..

I’m so grateful Youtube has so many Smack Down Videos, even the old ones which daddy and I used to watch.. I watched them one by one, even Youtube recommended some good videos to me, Youtube knows me so well, but how come? How come it know me watching Smack Down videos?

What is annoying me a lot is my Youtube page keeps on showing Smack Down Videos, whenever I access Youtube with my Laptop, Smack Down videos appear. Now I realise that what on your Youtube main page can describe who you are, what kind of person you are, what you like, etc..

Yeah, in the end, Youtube knows me so well.. Youtube knows all videos I’ve watched, all of my activity has been spied, that’s why Youtube can recommend similar videos that I might like.. grrr