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Hello everyone!!

Last meeting, we had a guest, mba Siska Doviana as our one day lecturer in media convergence class. She is Wikimedia Indonesia Chair of Board of Executive right now. She told us about Wikipedia as collective intelligence and citizen journalism.

One of my Lecturers once said that, “All information you get on wikipedia, just take it as something that enrich your knowledge, but when it comes to papers, don’t take it as reference..”

That’s right, Wikipedia somehow gives me information about what I want to know, like famous people profiles, big incidents, etc. So, when you have something new to share, that can enrich people’s knowledge, you can share it through Wikipedia.. Since wikipedia is very famous site, our article is easy to be found by users in Google.. For example, When we write about Typhoon Haiyan which took place in Philippines on Wikipedia, then if someday people search information about it on Google, then our article is (probably) placed at top 5.. As citizen journalist, we must be proud, and on the other hand, you can provide information to another. Since all people can post their article on Wikipedia, that’s why we can’t mention wikipedia as our reference in making paper. wikipedia article’s credibility determined by how many references used. Mba siska said, when we want to use one wikipedia article as our paper reference, don’t take that article, but the references used in that article..