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Hello Everyone!!

it’s kinda late, so I won’t write something long, but simple and short.. Although it’s gonna be less than 100 words, but it still contains something new in my life, new knowledge I’ve got in last media convergence class..It’s all about remix.. Do u know that? remix 알아요?

we know that people now are copying something and re-create something from what they have copied, they are not just copying it, but they put their new ideas on something they copy.. There’s something they want to show us, it has a value for them and maybe for the one who consumes it..Remix also distorts text or meaning.. I’m gonna give an example, This was a very popular video around 2009, I was senior high school student at that time, that video was scattered, almost all of student got that video on their mobile phone haha, and so did I..Let’s check this video out!!

They copy something? yes, they copied Twilight movie, but they put something new, something that made it different from the original one.. They changed it into Bahasa Banjar and the story also modified.. the story really suits Banjarnese’s sense of humor.. Maybe you don’t understand, but for me, it’s something that can make you chortle.. When I got this video, I had not watched Original Version of Twilight movie yet.. So, I thought, Twilight really told about a girl who had incurable disease haha, she farted everywhere, I thought it’s real..

And I want to upload photos of mine, it still related to remix.. tadaa~

We had costume play or cosplay on last Wednesday, and I had a role as a witch.. you may think witch is ugly and bad, but I subverted that meaning, I wasn’t bad or ugly, but, let’s take a look, tadaaa!!!


I am the one and only good witch!! Friendly witch, become friend to everyone even the princess!! They are not afraid of me, we are friend!! haha
even the Sailor Moon dare to hold witch’s precious hat..hahaaI think it’s enough, It’s time for me to say, good night!!